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Magento Developers Cardiff & South Wales

Magento Development since 2008

The Magento eCommerce platform provides scalability, flexibility and features for business growth. The worlds largest and most flexible Ecommerce solution. Magento provides a feature-rich eCommerce platform that offers complete flexibility and control over the presentation, content, and functionality of your online channel.

Since we opened our doors for the first time in August 2008, we have focused solely on Magento development. We have developed on the platform since version 1.1 and watched it mature to its current release with the recent move to Magento 2

Our way working

  • We have a strong team of magento developers
  • We have extensive experience of CE and EE
  • We have Magento 1 & Magento 2 Experience
  • We are a hard working & honest team

When you need help

You will be speaking directly to a developer. So you get quicker and more accurate answers to your questions

Enterprise Understanding

As a result of our growing number of Enterprise Edition clients; we can develop proficiently for both EE and CE alike. But more than this, we know how to satisfy the demands of an Enterprise business

Lower costs

Magento is our world; we are extremely competent and most importantly quick. Less time equals less money

Fast, really fast

No one likes a slow website, not you, not your customers and now, not even search engines. So it goes without saying, that good performance is essential.

An inefficient template can bog down performance and ruin a customer’s experience, regardless of how powerful a server it is hosted on.

We make fast templates; we sprite images, we combine JavaScript and CSS, we write efficient JavaScript, we losslessly compress images, we reduce DOM elements, we optimise CSS – and that is just the front-end rendering.

We also make sure that when we add additional functionality to the front-end that we write the most efficient PHP we can; reducing database lookups, cutting down memory usage and CPU consumption to the bare minimum.

Search engine optimised

On site SEO is very important and you don’t want to be spending money correcting it having just built a new store. We get it right first time.

So when templating, we pay strict attention to SEO best practice (here comes the boring stuff), making the most effective use of source code ordering, viewport render ordering, Google rich snippets, breadcrumbs, hReview, title tags, URL keys, header tags, alt text, image file names, anchor title text …

We will ensure that your template is built in the most ‘search engine friendly’ manner possible; the only thing we cannot help with, is the content itself.

Responsive design

Targeting PC users just isn’t enough. With 20% of e-commerce revenue expected to be driven from mobile devices, having a theme that renders correctly cross platform is essential.

Responsive design is just that. The appearance of the website scales and dynamically changes to suit the viewing device, giving an optimised layout every time – helping decrease bounce rate and increase conversion.

Reactive design & A/B Testing

Once your site is live, the real judge of your site is your customer; their on-site behaviour will dictate how the site should grow and what it needs, so we leverage that.

Split testing allows us to present different designs, layouts or journeys to different customers – allowing us to see what changes have the most positive impact on the store. This eliminates peaks and troughs in sales figures and helps a achieve continual positive growth.

We can do anything

Object-oriented PHP empowers the MVC (model view controller) architecture of Magento’s core framework; itself an extension of Zend Framework – a highly scalable open-source software framework.

But you don’t need to know that …

It is true that a lot of website owners care not for the implementation as long as the execution is right; so as long as it looks good, the insides don’t matter – but we care, we really care.

So what is it we care about, what is back-end / core development? Well, in the world of Magento; it is the act of adding any new functionality to it that it doesn’t natively provide or extending native functionality to enhance it. Which could be as complex as integrating the store with a payment gateway or connecting your store to your in-house fulfilment software; or as simple as exporting orders in flat CSV format.

We adhere to Magento standards

Having a highly customised store should not stop you from upgrading to the latest version of Magento or adding new extensions; as long as you adhere to Magento standards. We never modify the core and we always create extensions in the most compatible manner possible.

Staging / Development / Live

For any production website, it is essential that no development is ever performed directly on the live site unless unavoidable. We use the industry standard practice of using development branches for longer term development and a staging environment for pre-live changes. All our changes are historically tracked and versioned using SVN (Subversion).

Magento marketplace

A key reason for Magento’s success is through Magento Connect, the extension marketplace. We do believe our code is better than most, so we take the approach of the fewer 3rd party extensions, the better. That being said, there are a plethora of pre-built extensions ready for installation. Where appropriate, we take advantage of some of these extensions to lower the total cost of your development.

Better code, Better performance

We build quality extensions that adhere to Magento coding standards; but more than that, they are highly optimised.

There are usually tens of different ways to achieve the same output in Magento; we make sure that we write the most efficient code possible, so they operate quickly with the lowest impact on hosting infrastructure and customer experience.

Infinite possibilities

Magento is capable of absolutely anything, the core architecture allows it to expand much further than just a straightforward e-commerce store and its templating engine is the most comprehensive available.

There really is nothing that you can’t make Magento do and there is nothing that we can’t make Magento do for you.