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Integration Streamlines your operations

Integration is fundamental to E-commerce

For a standalone Magento store, the most common integration you will find is between your store and your payment gateway provider (eg. Secure Trading, SagePay, PayPal).

Encrypted order information is transparently passed back and forth over a secure channel to take payment from your customer. Without this integration, taking payment would be a case of taking payment information and manually capturing payment; a slow and un-scalable process.

This is one key example that highlights how creating an automated link between two components in your business can save time and money – but most importantly allows your business to scale

A framework for success

Magento integration

But what happens when your Magento web store is just the online representation of a much larger business; powered by a complex ERP system. Having the ability to synchronise catalogue, pricing, stock levels, orders or customers is essential.

To achieve this tight knit integration, we have developed a framework that extends the standard Magento PHP API; supporting CSV/XML over HTTP/HTTPS (SOAP API is native to Magento) but providing infinitely faster processing rates than the standard Magento core.

Several Magento stores, we have built, rely on the integration we set up that connect their e-commerce store to their respective ERP or EPOS systems.

Getting more from Magento

Whilst Magento is an excellent platform, sometimes customisations need to be made to suit a specific business. We have mentioned our ability to integrate Magento with fulfilment platforms and payment gateways – although this only relates to catalogue population or order processing.

But there are many more integrations that can enhance core functionality by using an external application specific to that role.

To name a few examples, we have implemented Apache SOLR as a drop-in search replacement; WordPress as a CMS replacement; Varnish as a Magento cache enhancement; Facebook for 1-click registration and Amazon as an alternative sales channel. By using specialised applications to handle routine functionality, Magento can be made even better.

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We have built

We have built extensions to facilitate integration between Magento and custom applications. In addition, we have built several extensions that integration Magento with well-known platforms, WordPress and Parcel Force to just name a few.

  • WordPress
  • Parcel Force
  • Citrus Lime EPOS
  • Secure Trading
  • Affiliate Window

We have deployed

The joy of using Magento means that it isn’t always necessary to code an entirely custom integration. Here are just some of the integrations we have completed between Magento and other applications, using off-the-shelf or already available extensions.

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Facebook
  • Apache SOLR
  • Sagepay
  • Varnish