Reduction of Broadband Not Spots to continue till 2015

An announcement by Wales Business Minister, Edwina Hart spells ood news for welsh businesses. The Broadband support scheme which is designed to reduce and eliminate broadband not spots throughout wales was due to end this year, and after proving highly successful is now set to run until 2015

The broadband scheme provides a grant of up to £1000 to welsh residents and businesses in broadband not spot areas to help them get online.

Recently google released figures showing that up to 40% of Welsh businesses had no online precence which is lower than the rest of the UK. Along with the up and coming Google Juice camp, a project designed to get businesses online. This project will help to get business inline with the rest of the UK.

Having some form of presence online raises the chances of business survival. And with markets now getting more competitve and people spending more of their money over the internet instead of visiting the high street. Initiatives like this come as a warm welcome.

Since the start of the scheme. There have been more than 2000 successfull applications and a further 230 application currently being asses. This shows that there is a high interest for both consumers and businesses to get online, and that there is market growth withing the welse internet sector.

If the scheme was allowed to be terminated at the end of this financial year. It could have been a step backwards for the welsh economy, and further distance wales from the rest of the UK. For those who are struggling with poor internet connections. This news will come as very welcome.

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