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Magento Platform, Custom Bed Builder, Amazon & eBay Integration, OMS & CMS

We have been working with Happy Beds since 2015, helping increase their traffic and online revenue. Working closely with the Happy Beds team, we have helped advise and develop their internal structure to support the fast growth of their online business.

Following a successful redevelopment, Happy Beds have enjoyed a large increase on business YoY

  • 323 per cent increase in organic traffic
  • 360 per cent increase in organic transactions
  • 418 per cent in organic revenue

Branding & Design

As part of the overall website build, we also re-designed the website and branding to bring it up to date with a more modern, cross browser and responsive cross device compatible design.

We used a combination of Punchy Ecommerce Sales banners and animated SVG, with family friendly characters give Happy Beds a unique look

Happy Beds have some unique features as a business that were not being showcased to their full potential. We decided to make some features of these services to differentiate them from their competition

Build Your Own Bed – Custom Configurator

We designed a full screen immersive bed builder which allows the customers to select from 400,000 + combinations whilst visually being able to see their bed as it is being built. A once underperforming section of the website has now become a key sales driver for the business.

Check out the demo below – or online at happybeds here


Personalised Mattress Firmness Filter

Did you know? A firm mattress feels different to each individual person, and this is dependant on how much you weigh. What we couldn’t understand is how other retailers had a very simple way of being able to choose a firm mattress. But the mattress you buy is only “firm” if you happen to be the correct weight they measured this “firm” rating on. To solve this problem, we allow the user to enter their body weight, and can therefore serve “firm” mattresses that actually will feel firm to the customer. This increased both customer satisfaction, and reduced returns and complaints.

Check out the demo below, or directly on Happy Beds here


Ecommerce Award Finalists

We are proud to have been finalists in the 2018 E-Commerce Awards with the Happy Beds website. See some of the features below that contributed to this.

Full Ground Up Rebuild

Having been through multiple developers in the past, the Happy Beds website was 95% scrapped and rebuilt from the ground up, to ensure that the website was able to scale, had the best SEO structure and foundations possible in which to grow the business

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