Professional Design

ID Management needed a more professional look focussed towards businesses. We re-designed the branding from the ground up promoting the key features of the company and introducing new concepts such as ID Points to promote customer lotalty.

Search Engine Optimisation

Through our years of experience with leading online retailers such as GO Outdoors and advanced knowledge of the wordpress architecture, the ID Management website has been fully on site optimised to provide the best search structure designed to improve their search engine rankings. So far search engine traffic has doubled only one week after launching the website and is increasing week on week.

Multisite Platform & Channel Integration

ID Management had multiple sites as well as ebay and amazon storefronts. Making it difficult to check and manage products, stock and orders across all channels.  By utilising the multisite capabilities of magento and using ebay / amazon integrations, ID Management now have a single way of managing all their online activities. Saving on time and also improving the quality, speed and accuracy of products and processing orders.

Custom Lanyard Builder

We created a unique way for customers to customise their lanyards online and see how they look before making their purchase.
This involved heavy customisation to the magento framework and we developed the tool in two different ways. One where you can type in the text directly on the lanyard and another where you can upload your own logo