10 Ways to Help Your Local Business Online

There are certain things you can do to help google recognise your business as local to the UK, and also promote your website to customers.

Here we give you 10 tips to get you started with your with promoting your online UK base business in the right way.

#1 Host your website on a UK Server
Being on a UK Server enforces the fact that you are a UK business and will help you rank in the UK Version of Google. So if your main customer base is also in the UK. Ensure your hosting is also based in the UK

#2 Have a domain name ending in .co.uk
A .co.uk website’s screams out UK Based, so investing in a local domain name will not only re-inforce the localness of your website to the search engines, but will also be recognised by your customers.

#3 Use an email address from your domain
If your website is www.example.com, then use an email address [email protected]
It looks more professional having this, instead of using hotmail or gmail

#4 List your business on google places
It is free to list your business on google places, and you can appear in local searches in a more promenant position

#5 Google Shopping
If you sell products, then as ususal with google services, then listing is free on google shopping.

#6 Build your connections on LinkedIn
Build up your network of people using linked in to gain referrals and new customers. Linkedin is the new way of exchanging business cards. Like facebook, but for professionals.

#7 Ask Customers for Reviews
If you have customers who you know have had a good service, then ask them to review your business online

  • Google Places
  • Trust Pilot
  • Review Centre

#8 List your business in Local Directories
You can list your business in many local directories to help promote your store.

  • Free Index
  • City Local
  • Daily Info
  • Federation of Small Businesses (999FSB)
  • Yell.com
  • Thomson Local
  • GetListed.org
You can use our UK Link Search tool to find directories to list in in your industry.

#9 Build up a local following on social networks

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
#10 Collect Email Addresses from your customer
Make sure you ask people if they want to be added to your mailing list. And Don’t Spam

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